Protocol converter V1a

Protocol Converter v1a a
Protocol Converter v1a b

Protocolconverter for RS232/RS485/TCPIP.

The protocolconverter converts signal from a fire-arms-system or a building system to an Espa 444 or Espa 443 device from Nira, Ascom or Philips. Other devices are possible on specification.

The converter accepts data via the RS232, RS485 or TCP/IP. It is also possible to connect two protocolconverters, to send data via the protocolconverter to the LAN, then from the LAN the data can be converted by a second protocolconverter to a ESPA 444 device.
The protocolconverter uses 10V to 35V DC powersupply. The converter is equipped with a relais to forward a failure to an external system when the protocolconverter detects an error.
The converter has 2 communication channels. Both of these can be used for communication with RS232, opto-isolated RS232, RS485 and TCP/IP.

We also have converters from/to ESPA 4.4.3. More information about these converters can be found here.

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