Protocol Converter V1a

Protocol converter for RS232/RS485/TCPIP

The protocol converter converts signals from, for example, a fire panel or a building management system into a protocol for a paging installation from Ascom, Philips, Atus, Nira and others to specification.

The converter accepts data via RS232 or RS485. The protocol converter works from 12V to 30V. The converter has a relay output to report any malfunctions to an external system. The protocol converter has 2 communication channels. Links can be made with RS-232, Galvanically isolated RS-232 and/or RS485.

There is also a protocol converter that works with ESPA 4.4.3 (PABX, telephony). A description of this converter can be found here.

For more information about the capabilities of this intelligent converter and the supported protocols, please contact us at: .

You can download a short product description here.